Counselling & Personal Therapy

Why Consider Counselling?

We all find ourselves faced with challenges in life that from time to time can feel overwhelming or difficult to deal with. Most of the time we try to continue as if nothing has changed and hope that the feelings will pass and life will return to normal. Accessing counselling is a way of acknowledging our human need to look after ourselves at times of difficulty and can be an important step in finding direction.

Perhaps the question should be ‘why do we not consider counselling’? We don’t think twice about accessing our doctor when we feel physically unwell or spending a night socialising with friends when we need to unwind,  yet looking after our mental well-being, our psyche, our state of mind seems to fall down the list of priorities for many people.

Crazy (pardon the pun), when you consider how much more we achieve and how much better we function when we feel mentally well.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy that provides you with a safe and confidential space with a specially trained and qualified practitioner in order to explore what is going on for you. Counselling is not advice and contrary to many portrayals, there is no couch or clipboard involved.

Specialist Support Solutions provides one to one counselling sessions with Sue Smith, Director. See more about Sue here

A person centered approach is maintained throughout the counselling process which means that you, the client, your experience and your beliefs are central to all the work we do. It is important that you feel safe and comfortable at all times during the counselling process. This ensures that you feel able to bring to your counselling sessions everything that you need to without fear of judgement or criticism.

Specialist Support Solutions holds core beliefs around empowering and enabling people to bring about positive change. The Counselling process fits very well with this philosophy as it is very much about empowering people, helping them to find direction and facilitating internal growth and development.

Counselling sessions are usually face to face and last one hour. They generally occur weekly but can be arranged for any frequency. Whilst some people have a pressing issue or concern that needs some immediate therapy to work through their worries, others may simply opt to maintain regular sessions as a continuous opportunity to maintain good mental health. Counselling is very much about you and your needs, this is different for everyone so you needs are established at the first session which is also known as an initial assessment.


Specialist Support Solutions has a flat rate of £50 per session which includes all preparation work prior to the session, research and any interim support call between sessions as required.

Student Counsellors requiring personal therapy as part of their training are eligible for a reduced rate of £30 per session.

Please contact us to discuss your options.