Training & Educating

At Specialist Support Solutions we are passionate about education, as we believe it brings knowledge and with knowledge comes empowerment. Whether working with groups or individuals the ability to ‘pay forward’ and impart learning is something we are particularly keen to do.

For some individuals, knowledge and understanding can eliminate self blame and reduce self doubt, thus enabling positive change.

The learning outcomes from the sessions listed below are often enlightening  and can be equally useful within a one to one therapeutic session for private counselling clients where appropriate.

Employers have a difficult balance to strike when it comes to ensuring team development against the difficulties of limited time and financial resource.  Despite this challenge, many employers are able to demonstrate appreciation of the value their staff bring by maintaining a programme of learning and development.  SSS has developed a range of modules that are cost effective, with time commitments from as little 3 hours to 2 full days. The delivery style means that even the shortest modules still provide informative and thought provoking sessions that enhance knowledge and awareness, especially useful for public facing staff.

The following training is routinely available with adjustments to meet audience requirements. Modules are designed to be scaleable, making them accessible to a range of service needs and participant levels.

Complexity Behind Closed DoorsUnderstanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse and Its Impact on Victims

Not Cracking Up, Not Breaking DownA Journey Through Trauma Symptoms from an Acute Phase and Post Trauma Perspective

Baby Don’t Hurt Me – Sessions Exploring Differences between Abusive Behaviours and Healthy Relationships

Asking For It – Myths and Stereotypes about Sexual Violence and How to Deal with Disclosure

We can also offer the Mental Health First Aid England – 2 day adult Mental Health First Aider course

For more details see our MHFA page:-

Other specific packages on request, see also ‘Specialist Support’ section.

Please contact us to discuss your tailored requirements.